Shooting video an edge for print?

Joe Cavaleri


That’s a question that crossed my mind yesterday when I started writing my story on Ooh Aah, the University of Arizona superfan. The result was quite interesting. Although I jot down most images when I’m solely writing a print story, it was interesting to note that the video I captured was truly helpful when recapping Ooh Aah’s performance.

I think that multimedia is extremely important and that newspapers should pick up on this medium. I won’t say video is the best for print reporters who are trying to do both in all instances — it probably won’t be very good to go back and look at video when on tight deadline — but it was beneficial for my piece. I had a little more time to play with the story.

— Solange Reyner

One Response to “Shooting video an edge for print?”

  1. Elsa Cade Says:

    multimedia takes into acount that people are different and get their information in different ways.

    Live in the 21 century, use 21 century tools, it makes sense to me.

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